WHAT IS A PSYCHIC? You know, you could ask 5 different people and get 5 different answers, but for me a professional psychic is someone who has dedicated him or herself to develop their innate abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance) to a high degree and in a highly professional manner and one who has chosen to work with clients in the public eye.

DOES EVERYONE HAVE THESE ABILITIES? We all have these natural abilities that we can develop to a professional level just as a surgeon or a mathematician develops theirs. Although what I was born with was strong, I made the decision to further develop my innate abilities to the highest degree possible and am still doing so.

IN WHAT WAY? It took countless years to learn how to listen to my instinct and other clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Countless! But I worked at relentlessly and chose to become a professional working long hours with clients around the globe. After a client schedules a reading with me, I work with the client in an intensive, friendly, intuitive and psychic aspect and after the initial warm-up I prefer to get down to work where we move into the topics that have brought†the client†to myself in the first place.

DESCRIBE AN AVERAGE PHONE READING? After a client schedules a session with me, I donít want to know anything about them. I write down their name, where they were born, and tune into their voice vibration. I warm up with a Tarot spread just to see whatís going on and than we go into what the client would like to focus on. I channel clairvoyantly, claircognizantly and clairaudiently, exclusively for the rest of the reading.

WHY DO PSYCHICS HAVE A BAD STIGMA? The Media, The Media, The Media!! I simply give the client my most developed feelings in a clairvoyant and intuitive nature and than the client is free to do what they need with the information given. My readings are a combination of talking to a really psychic/clairvoyant friend and an extremely ethical and experienced practitioner.

DO MOST CLIENTS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR READING? Because I refuse to work in fantasy realm, I am honest and upfront and by the end of the reading the client knows I have their best interest at heart and what we discuss rings true even though it might be something they donít want to hear. I decline to pick things from another stratosphere, as some clients would prefer.

CAN YOU GIVE AN EXAMPLE? EXAMPLE 1: A woman called me whose boyfriend was getting ready to kick her out of his home. She had no place to go and called and scheduled a reading with me. I saw instantly where she had no plan up her sleeve and confronted her. At some point you have to be logical. You can imagine what I told her and she didnít like it. What she was really saying was, ďCant you just tell me something where I donít have to take responsibility and it will fall from the skyĒ?

EXAMPLE 2: TThere was a client in her early 60ís who booked a session with me who had been with a man for 10 years and she discovered that he had just cheated on her. She was afraid to leave him because she felt she was too old to meet anyone else. Although the flowers and chocolate had begun to come like clockwork (out of guilt) including undeniable ďout of characterĒ attention that she hadnít received in years, in spite of my being very kind, understanding, sympathetic and up-front with her, she hung up on me when I answered that I did feel he would cheat again. Unfortunately, in my field, I have to be no-holds barred and at the same time, compassionate.

EXAMPLE 3: I had a client recently who lived out of state, who was an actress and she traveled back forth from LA for work. Her reading revolved around her desire to become better known. She didnít even realize she was blocking her success until we spoke because of her husbandís disapproval of her traveling back and forth. After taking painstaking measures as I uncovered and explained what I was seeing, she wanted to know why I couldnít just predict her success. We went round and round until she finally understood that I was not the one married to her husband and I was not the one responsible for his being OK with her traveling. Finally I got through and explained her career would remain exactly where it was until this problem was resolved. This is good example where you have to your clairvoyance and intuition alongside logic at the same time.

COULD YOU GIVE AN EXAMPLE OF A CLIENT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY? I read for a lovely young lady whose fiancť was unsure about the marriage when the wedding was just 5 months away! He told her over and over not to worry and that he was sure he would feel better later. Well as you can imagine, I instantly saw where later would rear its ugly head the day before the wedding and told her so. After several sessions with me, she finally called off the wedding, while that was best choice in the long run for her. I persistently gave my feeling and she did the rest.

DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ACCURATE? Most clients feel I am accurate which is not hard if you just listen to your gut, but just like the weather, you have to understand that sometimes things change, which is a natural universal law. You and God run this whole thing, but when that law strikes you or God might make a last minute change, which is for your highest good. All I do is peek where the (intuitive) wave is headed and you command the wave where to go after we complete our session and you are clear.

COULD YOU GIVE AN EXAMPLE WHERE SOMETHING CHANGED LAST MINUTE? Sure. I was engaged many years ago to a guy that made Jon Gosselin look like a boy scout. Remember, I have access to some of the most highly visible readers in the world and we all thought the marriage would ensue. Well one day, I got my self esteem back and I decided I didnít want to go to the ďpromĒ anymore with that person, so I called off the engagement, which was probably eminent. However it couldnít be predicted for certain until I made that decision. You can have every reader in the world read for you, as everything is only a potential of what will happen until you take action in regards to the information you receive.

WHY ARE YOU DIFFERENT THAN MOST READERS? I am sure there are many reasons, and ability has a lot to do with it, but one thing I am told, is that I provide more personal attention than other readers, which I can understand.  Itís what I do. Because a lot of people are scared of what I will tell them, I like to assure clients that NOTHING I CAN TELL THEM CAN HURT THEM. One of the main reasons this is true is I am only told what they are supposed to know. Experience has shown me the most loving way to tell a client anything so my readings are always done with a kind tone.

DO YOU TELL THE CLIENT WHAT TO DO? When clients book a session with me of course they expect me to tell them what to do. The ideal is for them to mix what I tell them with their own intuition for the best and safest outcome. I give them everything that I get intuitively, as long as I am told, and we talk about what road they will take.

WHAT IS THE STRANGEST READING YOU HAD? As you can imagine, there has been more than one. (Wink!) However, there was a therapist from Ridgeview Mental Health Facility who booked a reading with me many years ago. Her plan was to change her identity completely, through plastic surgery, and commence to seek out the man who had just dumped her and stomp on his heart in return as this new character she would become through the plastic surgery. She was completely serious and had already picked out the surgeon. That was my first year while reading professionally, and I was shaking my head during the whole session thinking this couldnít be real!

STRANGE READING 2: Another tattered tale being a high profile and established athlete/model who recently contacted me to see which brand of hair extensions would be the best to put in her hair. Because this was the ONLY reason for scheduling a reading with me, as you can imagine, I ended our session politely and recommended strongly that she call Van Michael first thing in the morning and ask for Rob. I was nice about it even though she was stunned that I ended the reading and that that we werenít a match. She was right. We werenít a match! She needed a hairdresser and I was a psychic! We werenít a match!

WHAT DO YOU WANT MOST CLIENTS TO GET OUT OF A READING WITH YOU? Peace of mind, confirmation, validation and clarity and that is all there is. A lot of clients harbor suspicion in regards to a situation or relationship and they want to hear my ďintuitive takeĒ, with several clairvoyant layers filled in- between, to fill in the blanks. It is my pleasure because that is what I do, but universally you canít tell anyone anything they donít already know. Detailed confirmation combined with a myriad of intuitive and concrete truths allow the client to feel better just knowing that someone is on the same page with them. That within it is worth scheduling a reading with me for most people as you can imagine so they can take what I give them and use it go forward.

WHY DO MOST PEOPLE THINK YOU CAN TELL THEM WHAT THEY PUT ON THEIR ďCEREALĒ THAT MORNING? Again, the media! I donít want your power, although people want to give it to me by making me responsible for their actions. The information does not come from me as opposed as to, through me. Itís not what I want to know, itís what you are supposed to know. Itís impersonal for me. After you tape your session, people are amazed at what they hear on tape as opposed to what they thought was said. Itís common for the mind to want to figure out why I say what I do in session as opposed to hearing what I say and at that point you begin to understand the importance of taping your session so you can actually hear what was said. (Taping, $7 for s & h, cannot be guaranteed unless you alert me at the time you book your session only.)

WHY ARE YOU DIFFERENT THAN MOST READERS? I am sure there are many reasons, and ability has a lot to do with it, but one thing I am told, is that I provide more personal attention than other readers, which I can understand.  Itís what I do. Because a lot of people are afraid of what I might  tell them, I like to assure clients that nothing outside of themselves that  I tell them can hurt them.  One of the main reasons this is true is I am only told what they are supposed to know. Experience has shown me the most loving way to tell a client anything so my readings are always done with a kind tone.

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