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I am writing because you wanted me to let you know what had transpired since we spoke. You were right and I have met someone. His name is Avery and I really really like this guy. I am just scared because I don't ever want to be hurt again like I was in my last marriage. I literally met him 3 days after speaking with you. I will send you pictures of him. I didn't understand what you meant when you said this person has “high energy” when you read for me. However after meeting him it is not hard to notice how very high energy he is! You also mentioned you saw a woman with dark hair and dark skin. He recently got out of a divorce 5 years ago. I asked him about his ex-wife, he said she has very dark features including dark skin and hair and is from South America! You continue to amaze me. He is 40 and so he is older, which is good since he is more mature than most of the men I have dated which you saw as well. I will definitely send pictures.

Helene: I wanted to give you an update. The last time we spoke, we were discussing a contract that my company was bidding on for a conference. You specified that there would be a decision made about this contract in June, the RFP is being sent today. You also specified the EXACT location that this conference would take place to a 'T'. The conference is taking place in Atlanta at the World Congress Center, EXACTLY where you said! You amaze me :)

Frazzled and looking for something not offered in any pedestrian armchair therapy session, when I began searching, I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. Questions reeled through the recesses of my mind, inquiries too obscure to unleash on any of my best girlfriends—wondering, “Can’t someone just tell me”? Then I found Helene’s site where her energy just spilled from the page with tranquil emotion. I picked up the phone close to midnight and received a personal call the next morning. Her voice was lively and engaging and the follow-up emails were personal and friendly. Helene assured me that a reading should occur when “I was ready.” When all thoughts/questions were organized I was nervous moments before I picked up the phone for our scheduled session. She was calming without even trying, without even knowing and it wasn’t long before I understood why her private readings take place over the phone. Smart girl! How distracted would she be to visually witness the enlargement of my eyes, my jaw dropping in awe, and the hard swallows it took to digest the truths when accuracies just blurted out of her mouth? In the times she’s read for me she’s nailed each topic before I even asked! Helene exudes bold and gentle energy so strong; you can understand why she sips vitamin water during sessions. She takes her time, and believes in making sure both parties are aligned because she doesn’t dismiss details great or small. You find yourself saying, “That felt good”!

I first had a reading with Helene in the fall of 2010. I was currently in Hawaii in the U.S. Army. Among many things at the time that she predicted THAT came true, her feelings of what was discussed occurred within her prediction of six months. And of course it did. One of them being she felt I would be moving and not working in the same place. At the time I thought there was no way that could happen. As life happens in the oddest way, I did in fact move back to the mainland and was medically discharged out of the Army. She also told me to watch out for a certain man in my life who was from the country, or cowboy country background/vibration, and that he wouldn't be the right one for me and that he would also run into financial problems. I was dating a guy from the country at the time and thought she was talking about him. I ended up dating and marrying a guy from Wyoming but never really put it all together until later. He loved reading old westerns and talked about riding his horse back home in and in general talked of his life there often. He had a bad drug addiction at the time and I hadn't known it. He did in fact run into horrible financial problems because of his drug use and has had to declare bankruptcy. During my marriage with him he had lied to me many times and because of this our marriage was irrevocably broken and he really wasn't "the one." This is just one example of many things that Helene felt and relayed. I had a couple readings from Helene in 2011 and several others since then. I cannot tell you enough about how accurate her readings have been and have been confirmed and have come true for me! She has really predicted some things about me that no one could have ever predicted. In fact, currently I am amazed at how much my life has unfolded in alignment with her predictions from our last conversation. Helene is very honest, sharp, articulate, a great listener, straight forward, and doesn't sugar coat things. I would recommend her with Five Stars to anyone. She is the best psychic I have ever had a reading with and I'm staying with her!

Helene is phenomenal! End of story. Not only is she spot on with the knowledge she perceives, I felt she was very good at giving a detailed understanding as to what she was feeling. She takes time out to make sure you understand what she is saying. I was pretty impressed with how patient she was with me as well. Also, something that I really took note of was what a wonderful demonstration of integrity and good intention she displayed during the constant remainder of our appointment time. Whenever I was close to my session's ending time she would always inform me and then ask if I’d like to continue or stop BECAUSE there is overtime charge now, instead of letting the time just roll over and then at the end presenting me with an outrageous bill that I would know nothing about. She is very caring and baby steps you each part of the way. She is one who will NOT let you go without making sure you have a good understanding of whatever is covered in your session. Many of the things she's told me have already come to pass. Many!

While I was in the process of moving, she mentioned that I was trying to sell an item and that the item most likely would not sell by the time I moved. I was actually certain it would and was surprised she actually saw that. She was right; the item did not sell before I left. I also spoke of how I strongly wanted to permanently live in my new location. She said that although I would definitely have a lot of fun, I would realize pretty quickly that this new location would not be somewhere I would want to live on a full time basis. I was dumbfounded. Weeks before I moved I’d been assuring all of my family and friends that I would be moving permanently to this new location. And now that I’m here, even though this is surprising to me, I AM having a good time but this is NOT NOT NOT somewhere I would want to live permanently. It's amazing how the culture 9 hrs. away can be a completely different ballgame! She also asked if I was going back to school because she saw where I would have the opportunity to gain some type of college credits in some way shape or form soon. I’ve never even been to secondary school! School was in the back of my mind, but was not really on the priority list. Amazingly enough, I am now enrolling in school to pursue my doctorate in Metaphysical Science! This woman is amazing! Ask me if I was enrolling in school a few weeks ago and I would've brushed you off and replied, "Umm..Maybe someday, but not now." Helene is a great choice for a reader if you are looking for someone like I was who reignited my excitement for life and gave me the direction and clarity I needed.

I have had multiple readings with HELENE and will continue. I am a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist in the state of Texas and rely on her expertise continually. Our first interaction was in 2009 and I always take notes and thought I would compare the FACTS I got from her to see how I progressed. That first reading of course was quite extraordinary, because what she told me came TRUE, unbeknownst to me, but as she delivered what she did into my mind, I said very quietly and to myself, as I drew the state of TEXAS, this lady doesn't know what the H&% is she is talking about on this one!!!!!! She said I would be relocating from NEW YORK to TEXAS. I continued to listen to the reading as the existing facts she delivered were TRUE I will admit and accurate. But I silently insisted in my mind there is no way on GOD's green EARTH am I moving to TEXAS!!!!!! WHAT THE H%&? The changing of JOBS I would have to have endured, (that I had no idea I would be doing at that time) the kicking out of a certain gentlemen that was in my life at that moment, again that I had no intention of doing at that point and I innocently wondered how this would unfold. IF this was true that she was telling me that was getting ready to happen I HAD to come to the conclusion SPIRIT was delivering personal messages to me through Helene. There’s no way she could have known this stuff. I contacted her months later, as I opened up my tablet and reviewed the notes very quickly, and saw the state of TEXAS. I did not recall drawing this and was in a perpetual state of WOW!!!!! The events she has spoken of have come to PASS and SPIRIT talks and communicates daily....stronger and stronger to ME. Well, guys, I am still STUCK in TEXAS like MOSES in the DESERT, but prayerfully not for 40 years. I have contacted Helene for emergencies, updates, and just to talk, and she has always been professional, fair, and on point. I am the one that continues to test SPIRIT. I recently told her what I was thinking of our first reading. She was a little surprised to hear this, not but because I was so adamant against what she said but because she doesn’t remember what she says while in session. I had to go over what she had said, and explain to her that never in my 42 years have I ever DESIRED TO LIVE IN TEXAS!!!!!!!!!! Your reading with her will be both a pleasure and joy. She is down to Earth, pleasant, and peaceful. Please sit back and enjoy your life because it may never be the same.

I had been happily divorced for 19 years. I was convinced that it was my destiny to remain single. I was having a tough time with my business and figured I’d set up a reading with Helene to see if I should just sell. After Helene insisted that I keep my business, which I was about to give up before we spoke, and incidentally is doing extremely well now, she stopped in mid-sentence and said BTW, “You have a soul mate situation coming in and there is going to be a marriage”. I literally told her “YOU ARE CRAZY- That is NEVER going to happen again”! I actually said that. Every time she mentioned it.

Every time we “read” she kept seeing this woman in spite of my verbally abusive protests. She went on and on describing her and I said, “A girlfriend is OK, but a wife HELL NO!” In June of 2008 I prayed if I would ever find the right woman or be alone for the rest of my life. (Which I was ready to accept). He answered so quickly it startled me, “You are not worthy”. Not at all what I was expecting. So I quit dating the three women I was dating, that Helene saw as well, I quit drinking alcohol, and spent my time more productively. Five months later, I was introduced to my wife. She was dressed up for Halloween in a pirates costume and was at her work. It didn’t go well for the guy who introduced us, because she was furious and made no effort to hide it. Needless to say, I let it go. After some prodding, 2 wks. later, we had lunch and talked for almost two hours. I left that date feeling as if I’d been struck by lightning. We haven’t been apart for more than 3 days and I had her ring custom made and proposed last March. The point is, YOU ROCK, Helene!!

I had my first reading with Helene about three years ago. At the time I was having serious doubts about my relationship. Helene cut to the chase and gave me the bottom line. She validated my feelings and told me, in no uncertain terms, that she didn't like his energy for me. I felt a huge relief that I wasn't just getting cold feet --this man was not who he appeared to be. I like Helene's forthright style. And I feel that she always has my highest good in mind when she reads so I feel safe. Helene's readings are fun, informative, detailed and accurate!

Helene is a treasure, I met her in in person intuitionally at an event in 2008 and she instantly told me of my move I had just decided to make. Concerning personal details in my life, and every reading since then she has been thoughtful, intuitive and has given me the message she channels for me, whether I liked it or not. Undoubtedly, in hindsight, she has been correct about everything. I know her as a friend, confidant and advisor, and I take the chance at major life crossroads to have a reading from her. I cannot recommend her more, she is phenomenal.

Helene has become my go-to person when seeking advice and wisdom from the universe. She's extremely knowledgeable in terms of reading your energy and Tarot when she actually feels she needs to do that. Helene is very intuitive and has been right about predicting my winning a lawsuit, and also about love relationship outcomes. She has also accurately given me answers about my dad's health, my own health and has also given me unique insight into what men I've been involved with and what she truly thinks and feels about me and whatever I am going through. I look forward to many more readings. I am truly blessed to have found her and I trust Helene's readings completely.

"Best in the business” I read an article about Helene in the Creative Loafing and I wanted to have a reading but could not find the article. I called the Editor at Creative Loafing and he gave me her contact information. I called and we talked for a while about her prices and what the reading entailed and I scheduled an appointment. I had my list of things I wanted to discuss but to my surprise, she told me that I was moving and I was almost in a state of shock. I had just moved. I purchased my first home one-month after my divorce. (She told me about that too!) When the reading ended, I went over the things I had written down and was stuck on the fact that she said, "You will be moving in the next few months". I said, "No Helene you don't understand, I just moved." Needless to say I sold my house approximately two months after the reading. I did not put a sign in the yard! My agent knew someone who wanted a house in my area. I moved into a brand new home (2006). I’m still trying to get over it. I just had a reading a few days ago and I’m looking forward to moving again (9 months) and meeting my delicious man I will “partner” with in this life. I thank God for channeling through Helene. He could not have picked a better vessel.

I am not exaggerating about the accuracy rating. I wish I could give hard data, quantitative statistics, actual examples and specifics, but this would reveal personal information about me. Suffice it to say that between the three readings I have had and the one reading Helene gave my sister, Helene's readings have been 99% accurate. I respect her ethics and style; she does not prompt for answers but delivers information in a clear and definitive way, without fishing her clients. While some of the information has at first seemed inapplicable, I have found later that her messages were specific and accurate and "right on." I have visited readers in the past, several, and Helene tops them all. I am impressed and recommend her highly! Helene has been a reliable and support in the last three years, and I find her readings not only entertaining, but also enlightening! Helene has and IS a gift!

I can say with absolute certainty that Helene is one of the best; if not “the best” psychic I have ever had a “reading” from. I have the privilege of knowing many psychics’ because I am an Angel Psychic myself, having trained with Doreen Virtue. Of all the readers I have met, through Doreen, Helene stands out. She is very concise, detailed and accurate. There are no half-baked or vague answers with Helene. She is the Dr. Phil of psychic readings. She "tells it like it is". Straightforward and honest, also empathetic, she will tell you the facts, but in a caring and loving way. I found the reading to be therapeutic which I did not expect. She talks to you in a way I have not witnessed other than from a trained therapist. Because I have very high standards about who I will get a reading from, obviously, as a “professional angel psychic”, myself, they must be very specific, concise, not unnecessarily wordy, and down to earth. I can say with absolute certainty that Helene is that and more.

I had first contacted Helene after a very difficult break up. I didn’t want to "get HER back", but I also wanted my “instincts validated. From the first sentence she uttered, Helene described my ex to a tee, without me saying one word about her. That helped me to know without a doubt that I had made the right decision by leaving. Helene is very responsible in relaying how things can change in a heartbeat! Helene is honest about what she feels during the session, and even though you might not want to hear it, she has a way of being very compassionate at the same time. Having the conversation recorded is key, because I can go back and re-listen to EXACTLY what she said on the tape, as opposed to something I may have WANTED to hear, but didn't! I would highly recommend Helene for anyone interested in his or her own soul growth. She is easy going, down to earth, funny, ethical, and a great person to connect with!

Hi Helene, I had to tell you this.... YOU WERE RIGHT! You said I would meet someone within two weeks. I met him on Saturday night and he called me last night. I am so glad I remained open. We talked for hours. And yes...my reaction to him was comical as you had predicted, but also predestined. I actually pointed him out to my friend within two minutes of arriving at the party. I called him my dance partner for the evening. I left without giving him my number and he stopped my car as we were leaving to ask if he could call me. Turns out he owns a construction company and he as far as looks go he IS definitely not my type but my instinct tells me that what I see now is just the outer layer of him and that what's underneath is something different. Anyway, it will be interesting to explore. I hope all is well with you!! Many wishes of peace for your family.

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